What is GPX Tracking?
GPX tracking is a technology that combines google maps with timing data to show where someone is on a course during an event. Based on split data from an event timer and the current race time, the GPX tracking engine is able to mathematically determine how fast someone is moving, their current latitude and longitude, and their projected finish time. This information is then presented on a google map with the person being represented by a pin. This location is automatically updated so that you can "see" someone moving along a race course.

What does "GPX" stand for?
GPX stands for GPS Exchange Format. It's a method for describing a course using coordinates expressed as latitude and longitude. The GPX tracking engine uses GPX data, split data, and the current event time to mathematically calculate the current longitude/latitude of someone along with an estimated finish time.

How do you get the GPX data?
Sites such as MapMyRun or GMAP-Pedometer allow you to map out a course, then save the course as a GPX file. Simply upload the GPX file into the GPX tracking engine and you have instant GPX tracking.

What races can use GPX Tracking?
Any event can use GPX tracking technology. Talk to the race director for your event to determine if they plan to use GPX tracking technology.

How accurate is it?
The accuracy is based on the number of split points and the consistency of the athlete. If a marathon only has a single split point at the 1/2 way mark, then it's not possible to track someone until they pass this point. In addition, at the moment the athlete passes the split point, we know exactly how fast they are going. But without additional split points, it's impossible to know if the person is speeding up, or slowing down, or if they have dropped out completely. It's highly recommended that if a race wants to use the GPX tracking system, they have multiple split points with an early one, a mid-point one, and a late one.

How many people can you track?
We are currently limiting the number of people you can track simultaneously to 5.

How do you register to track people?
Simply browse to www.iresultslive.com/gpxtracking. You will be asked for an email address which will be used as your login. There is no password. All tracking is based on your email address. When accessing the system through a different device (aka smart phone), enter your email address and all your tracking data will be recalled.