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Welcome to iResults


iResultsLIVE is a unique system that presents race results on-site and on-line in a wide variety of innovative ways. We custom build all of our software and most of our hardware to deliver a one of a kind solution to racing events. iResultsLIVE delivers results as:

  • On-line searchable results
  • Customized email message containing personalized results
  • Results sent via Text messaging
  • Facebook updates with race results
  • Unique on-site results kiosks, clocks and walk-up TVs

Custom-built iResults Hardware

iResults Clocks
iResults iPads
iResults Screens

iResults is the only system that provides these unique hardware solutions that can be brought on-site. The iResults clock allows athletes to get their photo taken with their finish time. The iResults Ipads allows athletes to look up their finish time by entering their bib # or their last name. The walkup screens handle up to 20 people at a time showing them results simply by walking up to the screens. Finisher certificates are always available and they can be customized with race or sponsor logos.

iResults Services

Customized Email
Text Messaging
Social Media
Athlete Tracking

iResults is not available at all events. Check with your event director to see if iResults is available at your event.